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A-Z Sports Management is the football agency that develops talents and raises the athlete’s career beyond sport and makes him become a known brand around the world. We count on solid representation and consultancy services that we combine with our marketing and communication knowledge to place our athletes in the traditional and digital media and raise them to the next level.

Thus, brand efficiency is translated as better sponsorship agreements and incredible business chances for our clients. Currently, you can find our company in Sweden.

Whether you are a professional football player, coach/trainer, football club, a reputable brand, or other related football business, you’ll most likely need professionals with in-depth knowledge and experience in the sports and football business. Fortunately, we can help you constructively towards ongoing success. We are those professionals who manage, negotiate and coach sports careers and businesses along the way. We have international sports and brand network that will most likely benefit you automatically.

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Our players receive a full personalized service covering every single need in the issues related to and unrelated to sport. Our agency assists the player to obtain a good deal during negotiations.


With our vast network of connections,A-Z sports management has scouts across the globe on the lookout for talented individuals.


A-Z Sports Management provides its players with an integral legal service through an in-house department. Thus, the Player receives juridical advice in every legal and fiscal field.


A-Z sports Management offers an integral service to the player that raises his image through their social media and offline communication, fostering his personal brand image.

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